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Harling Family Collection – February Vintage Toys, Boats, and Advertising

We proudly present The Harling Family Toy Collection to be featured in the February 21st Toy, Train, and Collectibles Auction.

This collection, a product of three generations, traces its roots back to Jack Harling, the family patriarch, and his early fondness for Marklin trains. His son, John Harling, caught the collecting bug, venturing into international collecting, with his passion for trains and live steam during his global travels. A member of the Antique Toy Collectors of America since 1977, John had an eye for toys from Germany and early American offerings.

The tradition continued with Ford, who, from a young age, joined his father and grandfather at shows and swap meets across the East Coast. Today, he’s the torchbearer, focusing on antique toys, especially live steam and clockwork boats.

The auction lineup is diverse, featuring vintage boats, ferris wheels, live steam toys, pressed steel vehicles, tin litho, and high-end battery-operated toys. Keep an eye out for a rare Snappy the Dragon in its original box, a collection of vintage dolls, toy soldiers, and mint box die-cast vehicles. Doorstop enthusiasts will find a rare large penguin doorstop, and train fans can explore pre-war Lionel trains, European brass and tinplate.

The event will also highlight a collection of fountain pens, Antique advertising, higher-end travel posters, and from the collection to Tom P. Weston, world renowned miniature builder, an antique model ship and an antique model piano gaming case. For bidding live during the auction, as well as to place bids prior to the date of the sale, we recommend placing your bids directly on our website, www.weissauctions.com, for a lower buyer’s premium.