Chinese 1990 Dragon and Phoenix Coin Set

In 1990, China issued a program of commemorative coins known to collectors today as the Phoenix and Dragon coins. The reverse shows the aforementioned phoenix and dragon, and the obverse shows the Great Wall ofChina. The seven different denominations range from a small 2-gram silver 2-jiao piece to a massive 20-ounce gold 1,500-yuan coin. Others are 1-ounce silver 10-yuan, 2-ounce silver 20-yuan, 20-ounce silver 150-yuan, 1-gram gold 10-yuan and 2-ounce gold 200-yuan coins. Mintage limits were as high as 80,000 (for the silver 10-yuan coin) and as low as 250 pieces (for the 20-ounce gold coin), but only 50 sets were issued together.This set is complete as new in original case with box and all paperwork and is numbered 44 of 50. Extremely desirable. (K-702)